What is a Merging Collision?

Personal Injury

Most days, driving down the interstate highway, it seems as if most drivers think that using turn signals is optional. And they “opt out” of using them.

At other times, other drivers are cutting you off, or merging either too fast or too slow onto the highway.

Which, of course, can lead to car accidents.

These bad driving behaviors, along with a few others, lead to what is referred to as “merging collisions.”

In today’s post we’ll look at what merging collisions are and some of the issues that come up in personal injury cases involving merging collisions.

Merging Collisions

Merging collisions occur when one car is merging either into traffic, for example, from an on ramp, or through traffic, for example, changing lanes.

There can be many causes of merging accidents, but some of the more common occur when motorists are:

  • Speeding
  • Driving too slowly on an on ramp into traffic
  • Not yielding to oncoming traffic
  • Distracted driving
  • Road rage

Merging collisions happen most often when a driver:

  • Doesn’t use his/her turn signals
  • Enters the highway either too fast, or too slow
  • Sweeps across multiple lanes when merging or changing lanes
  • Cuts off other drivers when changing lanes

Liability for Merging Accidents

While typically the “at fault” driver in a merging collision will be the driver who was merging, determining liability in these types of cases can be difficult to determine.

It all depends on the specific facts of each individual case.

For example, if the other driver was speeding at the time, or was texting or was in some other way disobeying the traffic laws, liability for the accident might rest with him.

In many instances, however, both drivers share some degree of fault.

Determining difficult liability issues in a merging collision case is why you should always hire experienced personal injury counsel.

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