The Most Common Cause of Motorcycle Accidents.

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Many accidents involving cars and motorcycles result in catastrophic injuries or even death to the motorcyclist. Even bikers wearing helmets and protective clothing may not escape serious injury or death. There can be many causes of any accident, of course. But when it comes to motorcycle accidents, there is one quite common way in which they happen.

Read on to discover the most common cause of motorcycle accidents.

Unique Risks Associated with Riding a Motorcycle

Riding a motorcycle may be fun, but it comes with a number of unique risks. Because motorcycles are not enclosed, and are smaller and lighter than cars, you necessarily take more risks as a biker on the road.

Here are just 3 of the unique risks associated with riding a motorcycle:

  • Not as stable as a car – Because motorcycles only have 2 wheels, and are smaller and lighter than cars, they tend to be less stable than cars.
  • Less visible to other drivers– again, the smaller size of a motorcycle makes it harder for drivers to see. That the car driver did not see the biker is the number one most reported reason drivers give for car/motorcycle accidents.
  • More susceptible to road hazards –The size and lightness of a motorcycle makes it more susceptible to road hazards. Bumps in the road, rocks, debris, wet or icy conditions make motorcycle riding far riskier than driving a car.

All of these unique risks contribute to motorcycle/car accidents.

Importantly, the risks of riding a motorcycle are not limited to these unique risks. They are simply additional risks you take when riding a motorcycle. You still have all the regular risks associated with bad driving to face when on the road: speeding, distracted driving, risky driving, drunk driving and so on.

The Most Common Cause of Motorcycle Accidents

It may not surprise you that the most common cause of motorcycle/car accidents is caused by driver error. But it is not speeding or lane changing that causes the most accidents involving motorcycles.

According to some reports, more than 40% of most fatal motorcycle/car accidents have one cause: a passenger vehicle making a left-hand turn in front of the biker.

Accident reports indicate that most of these fatal accidents happen at intersections. The most frequent factual situation involves the car turning left at the intersection, and the car’s driver either miscalculating the speed of the oncoming motorcyclist, or not noticing the biker at all.

Driving safely and staying aware of other drivers on the road is critical for all drivers— whether driving a passenger car or a motorcycle—for the safety of all.

If you are involved in a motorcycle accident, contact an experienced personal injury attorney immediately.

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