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Every day you use all kinds of consumer products. Everything from your toaster, to the car you drive, to the toys your kids play with. Quite often we don’t give using any of these products a second thought. We simply assume they are safe to use. We have come to rely on the idea that a consumer product will be safe, primarily due to years of enforcement of product liability laws. Under the law, manufacturers owe a duty to consumers to design and produce safe products. But manufacturers don’t always abide by their duties. Sometimes inadvertently, sometimes deliberately, a manufacturer may breach that duty; causing injury or death.

When that happens, you need a law firm that can hold the manufacturer accountable.

The products liability attorneys at the Law Offices of Mark Weinstein, P.C., do just that.

What is a defective product?

A defective product can be anything. It can be food, medication, electronics, automobiles, children’s toys, lawn equipment or any other item you use at home, in the office, or on the road. Products liability laws hold manufacturers or distributors liable when their products cause damage to consumers.

A product is “defective” when it causes damage or injury to a person as a result of some defect in the product itself, its labeling, or its intended use. There are 3 basic types of defects that a product can have:

  • Manufacturing Defect: A manufacturing defect occurs when a product is well designed, but the way in which it was made makes it unsafe.
  • Design Defect: When the entire design of the product renders it unreasonably dangerous, there is a design defect. Design defects can also apply to the way a product is packaged. For example, a failure to use childproof containers for drugs.
  • Insufficient Instructions or Warnings: When a product is designed correctly and is manufactured correctly but still causes injury, there may be a failure to include proper warnings or instructions for safe operation.

The laws governing product liability are different than those of general personal injury law. Product liability cases turn not only on whether there was an injury from using the item, but also on whether the product was defective or unexpectedly dangerous. Because there is no federal product liability law, each state has its own statutes governing negligence, strict liability, and breach of warranty of manufacturers and sellers.

Product liability cases are also complicated. Cases can be brought individually, or if the facts warrant it, on behalf of an entire class of consumers. Because these cases concern manufacturers, sellers, and everyone in the chain of commerce, there are frequently multiple parties involved. These cases often address complicated engineering or scientific issues regarding a product’s design, manufacture, proper uses, and the cause of its failure. Enforcing a consumer’s rights in a product liability case requires extensive legal and scientific research, study, and analysis. Quite often, expert testimony will be required to prove a victim’s case.

For these reasons, and more, product liability lawsuits are best handled by skilled, experienced, and knowledgeable Georgia attorneys.

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