Premises Liability

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You can’t live your life in a bubble, but venturing out can be fraught with dangers. “Premises liability” is the area of law that governs situations where someone has been injured or killed while they were on (or near) property owned or controlled by another person or business. Frequently, these types of cases concern “slips” and “falls.” But they can also involve other kinds of accidents or incidents, such as dog bites or injury due to inadequate safety.

In Georgia, as in most other states, a premises liability action can be brought against property owners or those in control of property, such as:

  • a homeowner
  • landlord
  • retailer
  • business franchise
  • property manager
  • government entity.

The controlling factor in pursuing a successful case is whether the property owner or person in control of the premises negligently failed to keep the premises in a reasonably safe condition for use by a tenant, customer, patron, or other invitee. Certain circumstances allow even trespassers to recover for injuries they may have incurred on another’s property.

Any number of conditions can make a property or business establishment unsafe. Dangerous conditions can be due to poor maintenance, wet conditions, building code violations, inadequate security or lighting,  inadequate warning signs, or other conditions or combination of conditions.

Georgia law allows people injured on property of another can recover for their damages if the owner or occupier of those premises negligently caused, or negligently failed to repair, correct, or warn, about the condition that caused those injuries. Even in situations where the victim may have caused or contributed to his or her injuries, damages may be recoverable.

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