Let’s Back Up a Minute: How Backover Accidents Occur.

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Not all car accidents involve two cars speeding down the highway. Some of the most unexpected and devastating accidents can occur while a car is barely moving.

Take backover accidents, for example.

What is a backover accident?

Backover accidents occur when a bicyclist or pedestrian is in a driver’s blind spot and the driver backs up: literally backing over the person.

Statistics indicate that 232 pedestrians are killed each year in backover accidents, and 13,000 people a year are injured in them. Children under 5 are most at risk for being injured in this way.

Because they have larger blindspots, larger vehicles, like semi-trucks or SUVs, are responsible for approximately 70 % of all backover accidents.

How backover accidents occur.

One of the most common ways in which a backover accident can occur is in a private driveway or parking lot. These accidents can happen if, for example, a parent is leaving, and without realizing it, his or her child follows him. These types of accidents also occur when small children dart behind a car parked in the driveway to get or play with a toy left there.

Backover accidents also occur frequently in parking lots. Many times children running either ahead of or behind their parents in a parking lot can get run over by a car backing up. The elderly are also frequently victims of backup accidents primarily because they cannot move fast enough to get out of the way.

The common thread among all these accidents is that the driver was simply not aware that someone was there, because the person was in the driver’s blind spot.

Even though a car backing up is not going fast, because these types of accidents frequently involve children under 5 or the elderly, they frequently result in severe injuries or death.

Look before you back!

Drivers need to be more aware of the dangers of backing into someone and of just how big their car’s (or truck’s) blind spot really is.

If you are at home, make sure to check behind your car for toys or children or pets every time before you back up.

In parking lots, always look behind your car. Watch out for children and the elderly. Use your backup camera if you have one and check behind you frequently before moving.

Backup accidents are devastating. But they are preventable.

If you or someone you know has been involved in such an accident, speak to experienced counsel immediately.

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