In a Car Accident? Here’s How to Get an Accident Report.

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If you are in a car accident in Georgia, your first priority is making sure you (and others) are safe, getting any necessary medical attention, and calling the police. After the dust has settled a bit, you are going to want to get a copy of the police report.

How to go about that is the subject of today’s post.

A Report by Any Other Name is Still a Report….

Just like a rose, a police report can have several names. Depending on where you are located, the report can be called a “police report,” or an “incident report” or a “car crash report,” or a “crash report.”

But whatever it is called, the report that the police make at the scene of the accident is an important document to have.


The Importance of a Police Report.

Well, for one reason, because immediately after a car accident — even a minor one— you may be injured. And even if you are not injured, you will be pretty shaken up. So you may not be able to either get all the facts following the accident, or to remember them all later, even if you do.

The police report solves this problem for you. A police report contains all the necessary facts regarding the accident. Among other things, it will detail:

  • the people and cars involved in the crash
  • how the accident occurred
  • the addresses and insurance details of the parties involved

Another reason why police reports are so important is because they are factual evidence that has been prepared by a neutral third party (i.e., the police). This carries a lot of weight in court if you must litigate the matter.

What You Need to Do in Georgia to Get a Police Report.

So how do you go about getting a police report if you live in Georgia?

There are basically 3 ways you can get a police report. You can:

  1. Pick it up in person by going to the specific police department, sheriff station or Georgia Highway Patrol post that responded to your accident.
  2. Submit a request online to the Georgia Department of Public Safety or use the BuyCash paid service to order one.
  3. Have your personal injury attorney get it for you.

Regardless of which method you choose, if you have been in a car accident, make sure that you first report the accident to the police, and then get a copy of the police report. It can make a significant difference in proving your case, and getting the compensation you deserve.

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