What Is an Appurtenant Easement?

An easement appurtenant is the legal term for the right to use land (or a portion of it) for a certain specified purpose. The reason why it is called “appurtenant” is that it belongs to the land. If you acquire land that already has an easement appurtenant attached to it, the person’s right to the land will survive. Therefore, it is essential to both search the title and view the land and how it is used before you purchase it. If you are buying another property that benefits from the easement, you have the right to continue to expect that use of the land.

What Georgia Property Owners Need to Know About Drainage Easements

When purchasing a home it is important to determine whether any easements exist that encumber your land. Easements grant a third party (“easement holder”) a non-possessory interest in your land. Utility easements are maintained by utility companies for the benefit of other properties and restrict the owner’s use of the land in several ways.