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Our Practice Areas

Civil Litigation

What starts out as a simple agreement, great business arrangement, or fantastic partnership can suddenly turn into a complicated or acrimonious dispute. Civil litigation can arise out of any sort of wrongdoing or disagreement and can be costly—and not just in terms of money. Litigation takes up a lot of time and can be emotionally draining. That is why, if you are involved in a conflict, it is important that you seek out experienced counsel right away.

Real Estate Litigation

Our attorneys are highly experienced in all aspects of real estate transactions and real estate litigation. Mark Weinstein, a Martindale-Hubble AV-rated “Preeminent” attorney, has over 20 years of experience in real estate law and civil litigation. Mark and his team of dynamic attorneys have the experience you need and the commitment to quality that you deserve.

Eminent Domain/Condemnation Law

Eminent Domain is the right of a *condemning authority to seize private property for a public purpose so long as the property owner is justly compensated. An owner of a property that has been condemned, or is under threat of condemnation, has the right to contest the government’s valuation of the property. Let us help you assert your rights and get fully compensated for your property.

* We can represent all condemnation cases except those against GADOT

Tax Sales

Are you a Real Estate Investor who purchased property at a tax sale,or are you a property owner whose property was sold at a tax sale? If your property was sold at a tax sale, you have a limited time to redeem your property.  If you are an investor, after the property owner’s right to redeem expires, you have to foreclose on the right of redemption and file suit for quiet title to obtain marketable title to the property. Either way, we can assist you, as well as handle any issues with tax sale property.

Landlord Services

Whether you own and operate only a few rental properties, or have hundreds of units, our experienced Attorneys can help ensure you decrease your liability and protect your rights. Trust us to handle the drafting, review and enforcement of leases, and representing your interests.

Broker Commission Law

If you believe you have been denied an earned Broker commission, or have been wrongfully charged an unearned commission, we can help you determine and enforce your rights.

Personal Injury

Accidents happen every day. Whether it is a car crash or a slip and fall, when accidents happen, lives change. In the blink of an eye, you may find yourself mourning the loss of a loved one or dealing with catastrophic injuries. But no matter what caused your injuries or how bad they are, when it comes to personal injury accidents, one thing is certain: you need experienced, top-quality legal representation.